What Pros Wear: 7 Hottest Bats in the World Series

Victus, Old Hickory, Marucci, Chandler, Louisville Slugger feature in our 2022 World Series between the Phillies and the Astros. Two absolutely devastating offensive teams with a hefty portion of the best postseason hitters in our lifetime. Enjoy the show, and here are the bats to keep an eye out for.

(Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire)

Bryce Harper has 10 homers in 30 postseason games. That’s a 54 homer pace over 162… against the very best pitchers in the biggest moments of his life. Don’t let the nerds fool ya: clutch lives.

From our gear database:

“Bryce is on a legendary heater right now and he’s been doing most of his damage, including the pennant-winning game 5 homer off the Padres, with a Victus FT23 Maple bat.  The FT23, available at Dick’s for $200, is named for Fernando Tatis and features an endloaded swing weight with a big barrel and a flared knob.  Measurements: 34 inch, 31 ounce”

Its hard to imagine that the Astros could have improved after the departure of Carlos Correa, a $100 million dollar player in his prime. Peña, a hardened ballplayer after three cold-ass seasons at the University of Maine, seems in his element as the temperature dips in October.

Peña swings a 34″/31 oz. stick with a natural colored handle and red barrel.

The Albert Pujols APV, derived from the classic Slugger i13, has a flared knob, a medium-sized handle, and medium barrel. It is slightly endloaded, which gives strong hitters like Peña a little extra whip through the zone.

You can get Peña’s APV model on Victus’ website starting at $209 using their custom bat builder, or shop the original Marucci AP5 at Dick’s in various iterations.

Yordan Alvarez | Victus APV-P 34/31

Yordan Alvarez, the Astros’ answer to Aaron Judge, swings a Victus AP5-P, Jeremy Peña’s bat with a slight modification to the barrel.

You can get Peña’s APV model on Victus’ website starting at $209 using their custom bat builder, or shop the original Marucci AP5 at Dick’s in various iterations.

I saw something questioning whether Alex Bregman was on a Hall of Fame track. I don’t know, but I know he’s been kickin’ everybody’s ass since he joined the league.

“Alex Bregman swings a Marucci RC custom cut, 33.5/31, similar to the M110 turning model, a well-balanced model that is great for young wood bat hitters.”

Bregman’s closest match is the MM20 bat on Marucci’s site, available for $170 custom.

This lineup is disgusting. And they’re missing Brantley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Kyle Tucker is using a 33.5″/30.5 oz. natural colored JC1 maple bat. He’s been using this model for several years, dating back to his rookie season in 2018.

The JC1 is cut to the M110 model’s profile. Old Hickory says it ‘has a medium barrel with a short taper to a thick handle that goes straight into the knob.’ If you are looking for an extremely balanced bat that has a longer barrel, the JC1 is perfect for you.

You can customize the JC1 to match Tucker’s for $195 or you can get the stock version for $175 at OldHickoryBats.com.”

Kyle Schwarber | Louisville Slugger KS12 Maple 34/31

Another all-time great postseason hitter. Ho Hum.

From our HR Derby post:

“Schwarber is swinging a Louisville Slugger KS12, which Slugger offers as a custom for $180 and Dick’s has stock for $170.

From our previous description of Schwarber’s original favorite bat in the Big Leagues, the Dinger KS10:

‘He swings a 34 inch Maple that Dinger calls a long barreled bat with a flared knob. It has a modified 271 handle and a modified M6 barrel (Starling Marte). Dinger says Schwarber likes his KS-10 because it is a happy medium between end-loaded and balanced.’”

Yuli Gurriel | Marucci AO1.87 Maple 33.5/31

We haven’t gotten details on this one yet and the model number is completely unfamiliar to me. The bat is squared off at both ends with an only slightly tapered knob.

Yuli throws the hands as well as anybody and he’s on Bregman’s tail, approaching the top 10 all-time postseason hits and RBI lists. You can count 2017 out, and he’s still a guy you want up in a big spot.

Rhys Hoskins | Chandler RH7.3 34/32

(Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire)

Rhys Hoskins’ bat looks like quite the bludgeoning device. We don’t have anything from Chandler yet on it, but Victus sent us a good comparison picture below:

Rhys’ RH7.3 (black barrel) has the Jeff McNeil-type knobless handle with what looks like a typical medium barrel. I like the look of it. Good for spiking, too.

When most catchers were running out of gas, JT Realmuto put the Phillies in the playoffs with his second half offense.

“JT Realmuto swings an Old Hickory custom Maple bat, the JTR1 model. The JTR1 bat has a DP15 (S318) barrel with Nolan Arenado’s NA4 handle, which is a “shovel” knob.

Anyone who wants this bat will have to make a custom order with Old Hickory, as Realmuto’s model is not available otherwise. Realmuto’s bat has an ebony barrel, black handle, and he cups the end.

A close alternative might be the DP15, available at OldHickoryBats.com.”

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