Which star can score the most goals in the FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup is closing in fast, and a lot of fans are aiming to see the biggest action unfold between the best teams around the globe. This means that the star players known for their high level of play will be back to show off their prowess in the coming games.

The hype is centred around the various storylines that are set to unfold in the competition. For those who don’t know, the FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious tournament in football, and a lot of nations join in on the hype with the hopes of making history.

There are a lot of ‘what-ifs’ when it comes to the FIFA World Cup. A lot of people even ask: Who’s going to be the top goalscorers in Qatar this year? The answer to that is mostly the ones who shined bright on the big stage in the 2018 edition, which showed a lot of promise in terms of intense ball games and fiery duels between players.

Here are the three possible candidates for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Golden Shoe:

Harry Kane (6 goals in 2018)

Harry Kane is known well for winning the Golden Shoe in the 2018 edition. The England star tallied a total of six goals during that run despite the squad falling short in their semi-final run against Croatia. More known as the ace of Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League, Kane is expected to show off his scoring talent in the 2022 edition.

On top of that, Kane also aims to push England deeper into the competition this time. Their 2018 run almost had them in the final, and perhaps losing to Belgium in the play-off for third place defined his hunger to score more goals and help England win bigger.

Kylian Mbappe (4 goals in 2018)

Kylian Mbappe walked off the 2018 World Cup with a promising performance with four goals in the competition. The Paris Saint-Germain star also finished the World Cup not just with the champions’ trophy, but also with the Best Young Player award. Leading France to their second World Cup win was a promising feat for a rising star in the sport.

Mbappe’s heroics were seen in France’s final against Croatia, which ended in a 4-2 win. The PSG star wrapped up an incredible comeback for the team by scoring the last goal that closed out the game for good. Fans expect him to show more of his growth and lead France to back-to-back title wins.

Cristiano Ronaldo (4 goals in 2018)

Cristiano Ronaldo led the way for Portugal’s daring run in the 2018 World Cup. While their campaign ended in a 2-1 upset loss to Uruguay, fans were pleased to see Ronaldo step up and become a reliable leader and a scorer for the national team. CR7 ended his 2018 run with a total of four goals, and yet they fell short of the championship.

While Ronaldo is often hailed as the best football player in the world along with Lionel Messi, it is safe to say that the Manchester United star’s antics are always fun to watch. It would mean a lot for Portugal to have Ronaldo in sage mode once more and keep scoring goals in their bid for the championship.

Who’s going to be the top goalscorers in Qatar this year?

There are a lot of talks and analyses on who is expected to explode in the coming games of the World Cup. It all goes down to who will get the best chances in their coming games, which means fans can expect bigger performances down the stretch. Who’s going to be the top goalscorers in Qatar this year? Find out when the FIFA World Cup action begins.

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