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Again in time, a couple several years before the new millennium we heard warnings from football superpowers these kinds of as Brazil, Italy or Germany.

The warnings had been actually fairly favourable to us, due to the fact they introduced interest to the increasing electricity of African nationwide groups getting about football in the up coming 10 years.

The warnings have been suggesting that in the new millennium will be countries this sort of as Nigeria or Senegal a regular finalist in Entire world cups and other significant competitions.

Regardless of the soccer predictions, Nowadays we see a wholly diverse impression.The Globe cup 2022 in Qatar is yet another a single without the need of the Super Eagles.

We see some respectable general performance from Senegal, but the details are currently being taken by the Dutch. We have expectations from Ghana or Cameroon but to be sincere, any important accomplishment would be labelled as surprise. The dilemma now is. The place did Africa go incorrect? Why are the soccer predictions from the very last century erroneous? Can we make a variation and transform the “luck” in our favour?

Super Eagles in 2022 on a downhill spiral

Yes, there is a rationale for producing this posting and it is the very poor final results of Super Eagles in 2022. The weak results are really not quite apparent when we only consider the African countries, but let’s glance at intercontinental confrontations. There hasn’t been a single intercontinental match that Tremendous Eagles gained in 2022. Let us glimpse at some of them in additional detail.

Mexico vs Nigeria – Could 29 2022

Last rating 2:1, Ball possession 60:40, Overall shots 9:10, Unsafe attacks 32:15. Sure, Mexico is a potent opponent, but Tremendous Eagles have been supposed to be at minimum there – if not even more.

Ecuador vs Nigeria – June 03 2022

Remaining rating 1:, Ball possession 54:46, Full photographs 5:2, Pictures on target 3:4. Ecuador is not a decent staff and Nigeria was better in quite a few approaches. But hey, the close consequence counts.

Costa Rica vs Nigeria – November 10 2022

Ultimate score 2:, Ball possession 62:38, Corners 7:2. Costa Rica is not any much better in comparison to Ecuador, still we still didn’t control to play our recreation.

Portugal vs Nigeria November 17 2022

Last score 4:, Ball possession 61:39, Whole shots 11:3. Many contemplate the Portuguese national group to be a person of the finest in the entire entire world. I am not one particular of those who get fooled easily and to me Ronaldo is not a celebrity any longer. This match is the ideal feedback. 

The way out?

There are different components to the drop of the Tremendous Eagles, but a single motive stands out.

And that is providing invitation to gamers who should have no part in the national at the price of hungry and lively players.

Also, it is critical for the gamers to know they are not untouchable, and that all the spots are up for grabs.

Let’s seem into the mirror and start working tough yet again. We have confidence in you, guys.